Honored to Serve our Sisterhood

Dear Sisters

Jennifer Avenel as 2014-2017 Chair, Tri Sigma Foundation Board of Directors

At the end of September, the Foundation Board had its annual meeting at Mabel Lee Walton House. Being in our heart home, surrounded by so much history, is always so empowering, and I always find myself reflecting on my Tri Sigma experience.

I’ve been blessed and grateful to have had so many experiences since my initiation 25 years ago – and this annual meeting marked the end of one of those experiences. My term as Chair of the Foundation Board of Directors has ended. I have been so honored to serve our sisterhood in this role over the last three years. I can’t believe how quickly the time passed. I learned so much from other board and sorority leadership, and certainly from our dedicated staff. This opportunity has helped me grow as a leader and educate members about the importance of giving and serving, with the goal of cultivating philanthropists and future Tri Sigma leaders.

I am thrilled to congratulate and welcome Bonnie Rainey as the new Chair of the Foundation Board. Bonnie has a long-standing history with the Foundation. Prior to her appointment on the board in 2016, she served on the board during the 90s and has been giving generously to the Foundation since it was created 25 years ago. She has made philanthropy an important part of her Tri Sigma experience. Her Tri Sigma story is inspiring and I know that with her leadership, the Foundation will become stronger and continue to support the future of Tri Sigma.

I still have one year left to serve on the Foundation Board, and I’m excited to work alongside this talented and committed group of women. I am inspired by what the Foundation has accomplished, and I’m so proud of the direction in which the Foundation is moving.

For Sigma,





Jennifer Avenel, Delta Pi