Violet Tributes

What is a Violet Tribute?

Violet Tributes are a way for you to shower your sisters with love; while supporting our entire beloved Tri Sigma sisterhood!  If your honoree is attending a national leadership program or Convention, she’ll receive a violet to wear on her name tag indicating she has been honored through Violet Tributes. Have a sister celebrating a birthday? Send her a personal message. You can even give back to honor the women you love during the holidays. Supporting Tri Sigma leaders is easy with your $5 gift.

Make a Difference

Violet Tributes fund our greatest need and fuels the mission of the Tri Sigma Foundation. Through unrestricted giving, your Violet Tribute gift empowers Sigma leaders by funding essential leadership development and educational programming hosted by the Sorority.

Annually the Foundation is able to provide a grant to support Tri Sigma’s national leadership programs such as Academy, Virtual Leadership Summits, Convention, and much more.

Unfortunately, we are funding only a small portion of the National Organization’s needs. You can help us increase our annual funding for educational and leadership programming. By honoring sisters and friends with Violet Tributes, you can empower the future of Tri Sigma one leader at a time.

With each $5 gift, you can pay tribute to a special sister, friend, hero, or loved one who has touched your life. Every donation, large or small, is tax-deductible and helps ensure the future of Tri Sigma Foundation for future generations. Funds raised provide innovative leadership training for women, awards graduate and undergraduate scholarships to members, and supports our Sigma Serves Children initiatives.

When you give a Violet Tribute, you’re leading the way for educational, leadership, and philanthropic programs of the Sorority and scholastic, professional, and service pursuits that help Sigmas reach their fullest potential and change the world.


Is there a limit to the number of Violet Tributes I can give at one time?
Yes, you can add up to 25 or make a $125 donation at a time.

I don’t know the email address of the person I’d like to send a Violet Tribute to, how do I look that up?
To utilize the member search function, simply login to the “Optional Member Login” at the top of the page.” Then you can click the “Tribute Lookup” to search for a Sigma sister or staff member.

What if I cannot find a Sigma sister in the search engine?
You may receive a message saying “Search Error. No results from this search. Broaden your search parameters and try again.” You can send a Violet Tribute to any recipient even if they aren’t in our database by entering a name and email and entering your message. However, if you believe there was a search engine error, email

What if I know the email address in the database is incorrect for my honoree?
Not a problem! During checkout, type the correct email in place of the incorrect address into the field.

How do I send an honor or memorial Violet Tribute?
Go through the process of dedicating your gift, typing in the name of the person receiving the Violet Tribute or the Tribute lookup. Then click “Add or Edit Message.” Enter your message, select your banner that will be the image at the top of your email message, and then use “Select a code” to determine “In honor of” or “In memory of.”

What if I am having trouble with the Violet Tribute website and need assistance making my gift? We have staff members who are happy to assist you and ensure your personalized messages and gifts are received by your honoree. Please email with any questions you may have.

How do I purchase a Violet Tribute for sisters attending a leadership program or Convention? All you need to do is purchase a Violet Tribute online just like any other Violet Tribute gift. The Foundation staff will do the rest of the work for you. We compare Violet Tributes purchased with leadership program registration lists to ensure each participant receives a Violet sticker for her name tag for gifts made in her honor.

Can I send Violet Tributes if they are not attending a leadership program or Convention?
Yes! Any time you purchase a Violet Tribute online, a personalized email notification will be sent to your honoree. Choose one of the images for your notification if you are honoring a birthday celebration or special holiday.