Pillars of Sigma


Pillars of Sigma is the Foundation's premier annual giving club recognizing alumnae who contribute $1,000 in one year (July 1-June 30). These members receive exclusive opportunities to enjoy invitation-only events with Foundation and sorority leaders, as well as:

  • Recognition at the Foundation's convention luncheon
  • Pillars of Sigma charm bracelet for the first year of membership
  • Yearly membership charms uniquely designed for Pillars of Sigma members
  • Invitation to our online community of Tri Sigma philanthropic leaders

Ready to join your sisters in the Pillars of Sigma? Click here to make a one-time gift or set up monthly payments today! Please contact Summer Sage at ssage@trisigma.org with questions.

The following women reached Pillars of Sigma for the 2022-23 fiscal year:

Cathy Albright, Chi–Pittsburg State University
Jennifer Avenel, Delta Pi–Winthrop University
Natalie Averette, Gamma Beta–East Carolina University
Susan Ayers, Mu–Truman State University
Arlene Ball, Alpha Phi–Central Michigan University
Shelly Bateman, Beta Epsilon–Western Illinois University
Kay Beaty, Kappa–Miami University
Marie Beck, Beta Upsilon–Pennsylvania State University
Marilyn Beiter, Beta Xi–Southeast Missouri State University
Karrie Benjamin, Gamma Alpha–University of Illinois
Angi Bevers, Beta Gamma–Ball State University
Vicki Bird, Nu–University of Central Missouri
Jennifer Bookspan, Epsilon Gamma–Grand Valley State University
Cathy Brister, Zeta Gamma–Southeastern Oklahoma State University
Mary Jo Bristol, Beta Rho–Western Michigan University
Mary Brown, Rho–Florida State University
Rebecca Calkins, Epsilon Omicron–Illinois State University
Nancy Jo Candy, Alpha Iota–Northeastern State University
Camille Chasteen, Zeta Rho–Johnson and Wales University
Linda Clayton, Omicron–Eastern Michigan University
Kimberly Cobb, Gamma Tau–West Virginia Institute of Technology
JoAnn Conley, Beta Mu–University of Central Oklahoma
Karen Conte, Alpha Mu–University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Ann Copeland, Alpha Theta–Radford University
Heather Cruz, Zeta Psi–The College of New Jersey
Lauren Cunkelman, Alpha Delta–Drexel University
Marcia Cutter, Beta Gamma–Ball State University
Tracey Daniels, Alpha Theta–Radford University
Joann Davis, Beta Gamma–Ball State University
Bethany Deines, Beta Kappa–Arizona State University
Gina Dickinson, Eta Tau–Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Cj Donovan, Beta Lambda–University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Emily Ellis, Gamma Beta–East Carolina University
Stephanie Everett, Epsilon Theta–Oglethorpe University
SAM! Farrell, Epsilon Theta–Oglethorpe University
Elizabeth Fensterwald, Alpha Theta–Radford University
Elizabeth Fifield, Kappa–Miami University
Berta Flath, Kappa–Miami University
Carol Frost, Kappa–Miami University
Denise Goudelock, Alpha–Longwood University
Nicole Gwozdz, Beta Pi–University of Wisconsin-Stout
Lois Hansen-Hjelle, Alpha Phi–Central Michigan University
Michelle Harrold, Beta Gamma–Ball State University
MC Hartley, Delta Delta–University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Kathy Hedden, Alpha Pi–PennWest Clarion
Diane Hemker, Gamma Nu–St. Cloud State University
Donna Herndon, Alpha Chi–Murray State University
Bonita Hix, Beta Kappa–Arizona State University
Stephani Hoch, Beta Chi–Queens College
Liz Hoffert, Beta Xi–Southeast Missouri State University
Jan Horner, Beta Xi–Southeast Missouri State University
Allison Hucks, Zeta Chi–Coastal Carolina University
Kathy Jackson, Gamma Alpha–University of Illinois
Linda Jenkins, Gamma Lambda–University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Crystal Johnson, Eta Rho–Armstrong Atlantic State University
Crystal Jones, Zeta Pi–Virginia Wesleyan College
Christi Jones-McNeill, Delta Pi–Winthrop University
Kim Katz, Epsilon Kappa–University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
Lisa Koeller, Gamma Alpha–University of Illinois
Joey Koenig, Theta Delta–Lindenwood University
JeanMarie Komyathy, Gamma Kappa–Marietta College
Kathy Kopperud, Alpha Chi–Murray State University
Susie Kuhn, Beta Gamma–Ball State University
Allissa Leach, Gamma Mu–Southeastern Louisiana University
Honey Leas, Beta Kappa–Arizona State University
Bette Lewis, Beta Kappa–Arizona State University
Jo Ann Litton, Beta Gamma–Ball State University
Mary Lovell, Beta Lambda–University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Karen Lowerr, Beta Pi–University of Wisconsin-Stout
Margaret Lukes, Beta Pi–University of Wisconsin-Stout
Mindi Major, Beta Gamma–Ball State University
Nancy Mancuso, Zeta Alpha–Bryant University
Linda Manley-Kuitu, Epsilon Rho–Minnesota State University, Mankato
Deborah Maves, Beta Iota–Minot State University
Nancy May, Alpha Upsilon–James Madison University
Kara McCarty, Epsilon Delta–Gannon University
Suzanne McGlone, Gamma Mu–Southeastern Louisiana University
Nancy McGowan, Kappa–Miami University
Shirley McKinley, Alpha Upsilon–James Madison University
RoseMarie Mirabella, Alpha Upsilon–James Madison University
Suzanne Mizgata, Alpha Psi–Eastern Illinois University
Charlotte Moore, Alpha Epsilon–Northwest Missouri State University
Nora Moushey, Kappa–Miami University
Emily Murphy, Iota Alpha
Pat Nichols, Alpha Alpha–Concord University
Jeanne Nissen, Mu–Truman State University
Barbara Nordberg, Beta Pi–University of Wisconsin-Stout
Karen O'Connell, Gamma Psi–Morehead State University
Joyce O'Daniel, Alpha Chi–Murray State University
Michelle Osborn-Hallet, Epsilon Eta–East Stroudsburg University
Kellie Parker, Alpha Beta–Kent State University
Melissa Pizzo, Beta Kappa–Arizona State University
Erica Poole, Alpha Chi–Murray State University
Yvette Pue, Chi–Pittsburg State University
Bonnie Rainey, Alpha Sigma–University of Southern Mississippi
Amanda Rainey, Beta Xi–Southeast Missouri State University
Lori Rassati, Gamma Psi–Morehead State University
Brenda Ray, Alpha Psi–Eastern Illinois University
Fran Redmon, Alpha Nu–Southern Illinois University
Marie Rees, Delta Xi–Loyola Marymount University
Laura Rhodes, Delta Delta–University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Lori Richard, Beta Delta–Shepherd University
Elna Rogers, Beta Rho–Western Michigan University
Pamela Runac, Gamma Zeta–Slippery Rock University
Annie Rutkowski, Epsilon Delta–Gannon University
Sandy Sandel, Alpha Phi–Central Michigan University
Claudia Schaefer, Beta Alpha–Northern Illinois University
Lori Schaefer, Beta Pi–University of Wisconsin-Stout
Kaye Schendel, Gamma Phi–University of Wisconsin - River Falls
Katie Scherping, Beta Alpha–Northern Illinois University
Jill Schmidt, Epsilon Omicron–Illinois State University
Veronica Seymour, Eta Omicron–Sam Houston State University
Dixie Shelton, Alpha Alpha–Concord University
Helen Shull, Beta Gamma–Ball State University
Ally Simon, Alpha Chi–Murray State University
Amy Skinner, Eta Nu–Ramapo College of New Jersey
Martha Smith, Alpha Phi–Central Michigan University
Shawna Speer, Epsilon Zeta–Southern Arkansas University
Rachel Stewart, Zeta Rho–Johnson and Wales University
Courtney Stone-Plamp, Alpha Psi–Eastern Illinois University
Kristen Story, Zeta Theta–Idaho State University
Charlotte Suhler, Alpha Nu–Southern Illinois University
Carol Swango, Alpha Psi–Eastern Illinois University
Laura Sweet, Alpha Sigma–University of Southern Mississippi
Michelle Tantillo, Epsilon Omicron–Illinois State University
Lori Taylor, Omicron–Eastern Michigan University
Kathy Thoren, Beta Lambda–University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Catherine Till, Eta Omicron–Sam Houston State University
Mary Tobin, Beta Epsilon–Western Illinois University
Holly Trembczynski, Alpha Psi–Eastern Illinois University
Loleta Udee, Beta Pi–University of Wisconsin-Stout
Katie Wadington, Epsilon Xi–Indiana University
Winnie Warner, Alpha Beta–Kent State University
Lauri Wingenroth, Beta Kappa–Arizona State University
Alison Wirth, Epsilon Omicron–Illinois State University
Jill Zager, Alpha Nu–Southern Illinois University