Timeline of Foundation History

In 1954…The Robbie Page Memorial fund became the official philanthropy of Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority.

In 1984…The Sigma Sigma Sigma Educational Foundation was incorporated as another Tri Sigma philanthropy.

“Three groups of women gathered across the country to attend an informational meeting about the purpose of the Tri Sigma Foundation and I hosted one of those groups at my home in Washington, D.C. Looking back, I am proud of the number of RPM Grants we have given out through the years and the future reach of the new March of Dimes partnership.”

–Carolyn Garofalo, Gamma Rho

The first Board of Directors created the first official logo for the Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation.

In 1992… The Robbie Page Memorial Fund joined with the Educational Foundation to create Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation.

…Violenda Nelson Scholarship established.

In 1993… Awarded $20,775 in leadership grants, scholarships and local RPM grants.

In 1994… Gertrude Lawrence Ledford, Jennifer Methard, Michael Welsh, and Ann Buchler Williams Scholarships established.

In 1995…Catherine Panarese Combs Graduate Scholarship established.

In 2003…Lucille Mertz Hendrick, Louisa Roudebush Replogle, and Barbara Moseley Welsh Scholarships established.

In 2004…Endowed by an anonymous Sigma in memory of her parents, the Destination Sigma Scholarship provides for scholarship aid to collegiate women attending Convention, every three years.

In 2005…Epsilon Xi Scholarship established.

“I remember attending the 1992 Convention where the Tri Sigma Foundation was created. Not only have I served as Foundation Chair from 2011-2014, but I still serve on the Foundation Board of Directors. Over the past 25 years I helped pick the Foundation’s first staff member, formed close bonds with sorority headquarters staff and volunteered countless hours to help make the Foundation what it is today.”

–Marie Beck, Beta Upsilon

“I have endowed a leadership fund because I hope my money will give other Sigmas the opportunity to learn and to hone leadership skills which will help them in their profession, in their community and in their life,” said Liz Hoffert.

In 2007… Lori Dahm Graduate Scholarship and Helen Marie Eggert Snyder Scholarship established.

In 2008…Helen Cookston Devor Scholarship established.

In 2010…Foundation received a generous donation from Fred and Liz Hoffert, Beta Xi, to support leadership and educational programs.

…Dixie Shelton Scholarship established.

In 2012… Mimi Brandt Hiner, Lucille Morrison, and Chi Scholarships established.

In 2013…Stephanie Sabol Strom Scholarship established.

In 2014the Foundation began a Matching Grant program for funds raised by alumnae and collegiate chapters, benefitting therapeutic play.

…Mary Crumpton Brown, Doris Schroeder, Ann Rutkowski, and Northern Virginia Alumnae Chapter Scholarships established.

During the Foundation’s history, over $3 Million awarded in RPM Grants and over $1 Million benefitting Tri Sigma leadership and educational programs.

Tri Sigma added March of Dimes as a philanthropic partner to provide more service and philanthropic opportunities to its members.

In 2015…Nu Scholarship established and Mary Crumpton Brown established two additional scholarships.

In 2016…the Foundation announced March of Dimes as additional philanthropic partner

Marie Bosarge, Joanie Elizabeth Shetterly Loquist, Margaret Parker Munger, Bonnie Rainey, and Catherine Ursprung Scholarships established.

 Awarded $221,660 in leadership grants, scholarships and Sigma Serves Children grants.

In 2017…the Foundation celebrate its 25th Anniversary.