Apply for DEI Community Grant


We seek proposals for projects and activities that are educational and that move our community values from ideals to actions.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Community Grants offer a way for creative, innovative, and grassroots efforts to join in your larger community. Your proposed project(s) should be educational, encourage understanding and learning, invest in relationship-building across differences, and offer new ways to promote equity and diversity to achieve our goal of an inclusive culture.

Will your community benefit from our first round of grant funding? You are invited to submit an application that encourages conversation and connection across race, religion, class, immigration status, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ability, and nationality. You have the power to create opportunities for belonging and to strengthen a sense of community.



  • The program or project being applied for must be educational.
  • Applicants must be a current Tri Sigma chapter (collegiate or alumnae) or member.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Community Grants cannot be used to fund the following types of activities: individual travel, personnel costs (ex: salary), publication costs, conference fees, food, and beverage.


Application Guidelines

  • Complete online application.
  • The application should include a completed budget. Download budget sheet example.
  • All grant applications are due no later than Friday, May 14, 2021, at 11:59 pm ET.
  • Grant award winners will be announced in July.


Program/Event Examples:

  • Workshop for campus/chapter/alumnae Panhellenic group
  • Speaker/webinar for the campus/chapter/alumnae Panhellenic group
  • Classes for members
  • Bring your creativity in developing projects (ex: art projects, community building exhibits, action-oriented projects, etc.) that advance an inclusive campus culture and provide a forum for intentional dialogue.


Award Amounts

2021 is our first grant year for this program, and we expect to make up to 3-5 grants within the $250-$500 range and 1-2 grants in the $750-$1,000 range. Funds are considered one-time seed funds.


After Event

An Event Impact Report must be turned in within 30 days of the event. Once the grant is awarded, grant applicants will receive the link to the Impact Report, which should include all itemized receipts and photos from the event.

Email questions to Advancement Officer Chris Smithisler at or call 317-373-1347. More information about DEI Community Grants available here.


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Tri Sigma uses the following definitions for diversity, equity, and inclusion:

  • Diversity*.Individual differences (e.g., personality, prior knowledge, and life experiences) and groups/social differences (e.g., race/ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, country of origin, and ability as well as cultural, political, religious, or other affiliations).
  • Equity. The creation of opportunities for historically underrepresented populations to have equal access to, and fully participate in, every aspect of Tri Sigma.
  • Inclusion*.The active, intentional, and ongoing engagement with diversity – within Tri Sigma and broader communities – in ways that increase awareness, content knowledge, cognitive sophistication, and empathic understanding of the complex ways individuals interact within systems and institutions.

* indicates adaptation from the American Association of Colleges and Universities



DEI Community Grant FAQ


Can I submit more than one application?

Yes, you can submit more than one application.  However, you can only receive funding for one grant (project/program).  We would recommend choosing one project/program and putting all your effort into that one application.


If I am a graduated member of Tri Sigma, does the program have to include collegians or a college campus?

If you are applying as a graduated member, your program does not need to include collegians or a college campus.  It could be a program for an alumnae chapter or the local alumnae panhellenic or it could be for your local community.


If I/we collaborate with a co-sponsor/organization, should they submit a letter of endorsement or verify partnership for this grant?

No, you are not required to attach a letter from a co-sponsor, but you may do so as supplemental material and to provide the review committee with additional information


In the proposal there is a mention of community values (“We seek proposals for projects and activities that are educational and move our community values from ideals to actions.”)  Does Tri Sigma have community values? 

Tri Sigma does not have community values, but we have our core values of wisdom, power, faith, hope, and love as well as a strong mission statement that inspires us to create a perpetual bond of friendship, develop strong womanly character, and impress high standards of conduct.  It is through striving to achieve our mission and values that we must move from talking about these ideals and moving to put these ideals into action.


Who is responsible for the Impact Report? 

The Impact Report should be completed within 30 days of the completion of the program by the program coordinator.  The Impact Report link will be sent to the contact information from the grant application if receiving a grant.  It will also be available on the website.