Honor an Academy or Prevention Institute Attendee with a Violet Tribute

In January, more than 600 Tri Sigmas will attend The Academy or Prevention Institute. These programs provide an opportunity for chapter officers and volunteers to:

  • Build valuable leadership skills
  • Receive education on current issues relevant to collegiate women
  • Establish a network of support that empowers them to create meaningful change in their chapter and community that is consistent with the mission, vision, and values of Tri Sigma


Sending a Violet Tribute is a great way to honor an attendee and let them know you support them on this important journey. Each gift allows you to write a personalized message which the recipient will receive via email. View the attendee list below and send your gift by Jan. 4 to ensure they receive it in time for the program.


Every gift is tax-deductible and supports the continued growth of leadership programs like The Academy and Prevention Institute. Thank you in advance for showering these women with love, support, and Violet Tributes! 


Academy Attendees


First Name Last Name Chapter
Arionna Folk Alpha
Kaitlyn Fording Alpha
Danielle Tuck Alpha
Skyler Mounts Alpha Alpha
Sarah Turner Alpha Alpha
Ana Hasselbusch Alpha Beta
Katie Kristanko Alpha Beta
Kati Miller Alpha Beta
Kellie Parker Alpha Beta
Renn Pirone Alpha Beta
Jocelyn Sampson-Dickerson Alpha Beta
Amber Tuck Alpha Beta
Emily Warren Alpha Beta
Regan Deaton Alpha Chi
Madison Decker Alpha Chi
Rachel Holmes Alpha Chi
Alyssa Luse Alpha Chi
Haliyah Martin Alpha Chi
Julia McClard Alpha Chi
Nicole Schultz Alpha Chi
Rebecca West Alpha Delta
Rachel Hunter Alpha Epsilon
Lauren Kohl Alpha Epsilon
Julianna Marshall Alpha Epsilon
Sloane McAdams Alpha Epsilon
Cora Tyler Alpha Epsilon
Makenna Witzke Alpha Epsilon
Michelle Harbin Alpha Gamma
Amber McLaughlin Alpha Gamma
Jenuwyn Boydston Alpha Iota
Brenda Christie Alpha Iota
Hannah Glass Alpha Iota
Lydia McAlvain Alpha Iota
Skyler Sirmans-Watson Alpha Iota
Dorothy Swearingen Alpha Iota
Sydney Vann Alpha Iota
Samantha Bueche Alpha Mu
Jaden Carriere Alpha Mu
Maelin Crum Alpha Mu
Erin Fontenot Alpha Mu
Anabelle Guidry Alpha Mu
Makenna Hassan Alpha Mu
Aynslie Horn Alpha Mu
Amanda Vincent Alpha Mu
Stacy Castronova Alpha Nu
Erin Savage Alpha Nu
Jill Zager Alpha Nu
Ashlyn Barrett Alpha Phi
Emily Bauer Alpha Phi
Madison Carpenter Alpha Phi
Lauren Hyatt Alpha Phi
Madeline Jackson Alpha Phi
Curisa Kopko Alpha Phi
Chloe Schmidt Alpha Phi
Gianna Battaglia Alpha Pi
Sarah Canobbio Alpha Pi
Lauryn Cook Alpha Pi
Laney Urban Alpha Pi
Abigail Billett Alpha Rho
Amiya Wilt Alpha Rho
Sarah Bays Alpha Upsilon
Kinley Dowdy Alpha Upsilon
Jackson Jackson Alpha Upsilon
Valeria Moscote Alpha Upsilon
Julia Muscar Alpha Upsilon
Lorin Phillips Alpha Upsilon
Kelly Powell Alpha Upsilon
Alex Quinn Alpha Upsilon
Kenzie Scheel Alpha Upsilon
Maddie Strieffler Alpha Upsilon
Linsday Castner Alpha Xi
Venessa Dearborn Alpha Xi
Anna Klockenkemper Alpha Xi
Brea Baca-White Alpha Zeta
Beka Burns Alpha Zeta
Kate Evans Alpha Zeta
Peyton Fuller Alpha Zeta
Gabbie Gordon Alpha Zeta
Rhonda Hodo Alpha Zeta
Kaley Koss Alpha Zeta
Amber Long Alpha Zeta
Brooke Straight Alpha Zeta
Tatum Waites Alpha Zeta
Kacy Young Alpha Zeta
Kara Carr Beta Alpha
Madison Deacon Beta Alpha
Gianna Finnigan Beta Alpha
Sydnee Keller Beta Alpha
Jacqueline Ladik Beta Alpha
Ellie Madejczyk Beta Alpha
Molly Schmidt Beta Alpha
Abby Stone Beta Alpha
Jess Vandiver Beta Alpha
Reece Boyd Beta Beta
Kenzie Denney Beta Beta
Becca Forrest Beta Beta
Ellen Herbig Beta Beta
Taylor Kordik Beta Beta
Abbey Lechien Beta Beta
Ashley Sanders Beta Beta
Kaela Singla-Shanika Beta Beta
Kaitlyn Dudley Beta Delta
Katie Keckler Beta Delta
Lillian Robbins Beta Delta
Britney Thompson Beta Delta
Jenha Trevathan Beta Delta
Abby Van Meter Beta Delta
Chloe Waldeck Beta Delta
SueB Bracksieck Beta Mu
Jayden Hall Beta Mu
Kylie Weldon Beta Mu
Riley Yates Beta Mu
Hailey Brannon Beta Tau
Makayla Chaffin Beta Tau
Abby Karjala Beta Tau
Maggie Browne Beta Theta
Elsa Fura Beta Theta
Mel Saul Beta Theta
Maggie Dolan Beta Xi
Kaelyn George Beta Xi
Taylor Huskey Beta Xi
Hannah Dickens Chi
Hannah Eckstein Chi
Paiten Griffith Chi
Abby Kettler Chi
Rajneet Lehal Chi
Annie Perez Chi
Evanne Riley Chi
Katherine Evans Delta Beta
Anna Papich Delta Beta
Fedora Pollay Delta Beta
Bryana Riordan Delta Beta
Lindsey Ward Delta Beta
Elena Cattoni Delta Chi
Rachel Dailey Delta Chi
Sofie Hunter Delta Chi
Marie-Clare Matricardi Delta Chi
Mary Brinkmann Delta Eta
Delaney Radican Delta Eta
Colbie Sutton Delta Eta
Sierra Burch Delta Omicron
Emily Heyler Delta Omicron
Heather Wirick Delta Omicron
Brooke Balsamo Delta Psi
Angelina Christodoulou Delta Psi
Lizzie Dankmyer Delta Psi
Caroline Freese Delta Psi
Emily Hassey Delta Psi
Mia Heim Delta Psi
Sydney Stinger Delta Psi
Kennedy Cannon Delta Zeta
Emily Conklin Delta Zeta
Ashley Frederick Delta Zeta
Aliah Malherbe Delta Zeta
Gwen Raifsnider Delta Zeta
Makenzie Schellhamer Delta Zeta
Lindsey Tucker Delta Zeta
Rebecca Le Epsilon Alpha
Savannah Lee Epsilon Alpha
Ciara Lopez Epsilon Alpha
Tori Assis Epsilon Chi
Abigail Boyer Epsilon Chi
Maria Graham Epsilon Chi
Angela Meglin Epsilon Chi
Quinn Roche Epsilon Chi
Sydney Smith Epsilon Chi
Kayla Traiger Epsilon Chi
Madison Abbott Epsilon Delta
Maria Calhoun Epsilon Delta
Mary Gang Epsilon Delta
Leah Hartman Epsilon Delta
Bailey McMahon Epsilon Delta
Grace Nelson Epsilon Delta
Katrina Orange Epsilon Delta
Megan Carneiro Epsilon Epsilon
Gianna Gras Epsilon Epsilon
Missie Minniti Epsilon Epsilon
Rachel Roettger Epsilon Epsilon
Kaiya Andrukitis Epsilon Eta
Loxy Eskeitz Epsilon Eta
Maya Kasa Epsilon Eta
Abby Marquardt Epsilon Eta
Ava Baker Epsilon Gamma
Dana Engstrom Epsilon Gamma
Maddie Houck Epsilon Gamma
Kelly Kuzara Epsilon Gamma
Lilly Lyons Epsilon Gamma
Courtney Sabin Epsilon Gamma
Bee Scannell Epsilon Gamma
Bella Flores Epsilon Iota
Madison Goza Epsilon Iota
Amely Logan Epsilon Iota
Hailey Rodriguez Epsilon Iota
Paige Baumann Epsilon Kappa
Vivi Hauck Epsilon Kappa
Brynn Simpson Epsilon Kappa
Kimberly Alvarado Epsilon Nu
Anne Blosser Epsilon Nu
Kaitlyn Shelton Epsilon Nu
Hailey Todd Epsilon Nu
Emily Grubb Epsilon Omicron
Jamie Kaufman Epsilon Omicron
Madison Rivera Epsilon Omicron
Jenna Suddeth Epsilon Omicron
Madison Tenn Epsilon Omicron
Ava Varel Epsilon Omicron
Caroline Phillips Epsilon Phi
Katie Clamp Epsilon Pi
Sarah Duvall Epsilon Pi
Kinslee Sink Epsilon Pi
Kaelyn Beeman Epsilon Psi
Katie Ciccone Epsilon Psi
Liz Ramos Epsilon Psi
Riley Gaulrapp Epsilon Rho
Paige Hoiseth Epsilon Rho
Greta Lampe Epsilon Rho
Sofia Melendez Epsilon Rho
Roxann Ackebo Epsilon Sigma
Tran Le Epsilon Sigma
Va'Lencia Strange Epsilon Sigma
Keleley Tate Epsilon Sigma
Emily Umeres Epsilon Sigma
Wendy Howard Epsilon Tau
Paxton Dunlap Epsilon Theta
Sarah Gilley Epsilon Theta
Dania Hernandez Epsilon Theta
Kathryn Amatruda Epsilon Upsilon
Meg Gregor Epsilon Upsilon
Brie Higgins Epsilon Upsilon
Riley Kenney Epsilon Upsilon
Shannon Schupbach Epsilon Upsilon
Kenzie Greear Epsilon Zeta
Marie Tidwell Eta Beta
Eireann Twigg Eta Beta
Grace Blenden Eta Kappa
Natalia Cueva Eta Kappa
Hanna Herzhoff Eta Kappa
Jasmine Lara Eta Kappa
Nique Livingston Eta Kappa
Madison Lussier Eta Kappa
Zulejha Osmani Eta Kappa
Emily Sonnier Eta Kappa
Paige Hunter Eta Lambda
Lindsey Rapp Eta Lambda
Sofia Smith Eta Lambda
Jules Betsy Eta Nu
Laura Neary Eta Nu
Tara Wenger Eta Nu
Brittany Cameron Eta Omicron
Anna Martinez Eta Omicron
Catherine Till Eta Omicron
Makenna Vincent Eta Omicron
Kairi Balow Eta Rho
Jenna Cash Eta Rho
Faith Smith Eta Rho
Emily Greene Eta Sigma
Malia January Eta Sigma
Hailey Laurich Eta Sigma
Eva Manuel Eta Sigma
Bella Olson Eta Sigma
Rachel Preston Eta Sigma
Janeigha Stutesman Eta Sigma
Daniella Bezuidenhout Eta Tau
Erin Clark Eta Tau
Madison Eidt Eta Tau
Emma Griffith Eta Tau
Caelin Sergent Eta Tau
Madi Siegel Eta Tau
Olivia Slack Eta Tau
Emma Kelsey Eta Theta
Emily McKay Eta Theta
Morgan McCracken Eta Xi
Allie Nenish Eta Xi
Julia Rosenthal Eta Xi
Sofia Acquistapace Eta Zeta
Maria Collins Eta Zeta
Rylee Haddox Eta Zeta
Rebecca Lent Eta Zeta
Caroline Connell Gamma Beta
Kenzi Donta Gamma Beta
Katie Frizzle Gamma Beta
Maria Skibinski Gamma Beta
Maddy Sullivan Gamma Iota
Lauren Elmergreen Gamma Lambda
Eva Metrusias Gamma Lambda
Rileigh Rein Gamma Lambda
Alaina Appe Gamma Mu
Phoebe Castro Gamma Mu
DeShay Juban Gamma Mu
Tessa Krone Gamma Mu
Hayleigh Loper Gamma Mu
Mackynzie Mannino Gamma Mu
Hannah McGuyrt Gamma Mu
Olivia Price Gamma Mu
Megan Rodgers Gamma Mu
Bailey Schween Gamma Mu
Lauren Stevens Gamma Mu
Emma Graffeo Gamma Pi
Jessica Guidry Gamma Pi
Allie LeBlanc Gamma Pi
Faith Madere Gamma Pi
Karlie Toups Gamma Pi
Mariah Gareis Gamma Rho
Emma Dalton Gamma Xi
Rebecca Humphries Gamma Xi
Sarah Rutledge Gamma Xi
Kendall Walsh Gamma Xi
Gia Betancourt Gamma Zeta
Marissa Caplan Gamma Zeta
Jess Compton Gamma Zeta
Amelia Galbraith Gamma Zeta
Lydia Maggi Gamma Zeta
Virginia Meyer Gamma Zeta
Mia Scalamogna Gamma Zeta
Morgan Brennan Lambda
MaeLee Lyons Lambda
Ellie Duncan Mu
Alexis Atchley Nu
Caitlin Crawford Nu
Mikka Dooley Nu
Chaislynn Higgins Nu
Carrie McKinney Nu
Kalia Naylor Nu
Faith Rourke Nu
Liv Wetzel Omicron
Madison Briggs Pi
Lydia Kimble Pi
Katelyn Schmalz Pi
Kaitlyn Velasquez Pi
Emma Wilson Pi
Riley Zentz Pi
Belle Burdette Psi
Chloe Craddock Psi
Meagan Earls Psi
Breeanna Moats Psi
Marie Wilhelm Psi
Paige Antonacci Theta Delta
Anna Borchert Theta Delta
Randi Jenkins Theta Delta
Montana Lane Theta Delta
Lauren Roberts Theta Delta
Kayla Rorie Theta Delta
Katie Rorie Theta Delta
Katie Zucco Theta Delta
Jillian Byers Theta Iota
Madison Carter Theta Iota
Hannah Parker Theta Iota
Sara Perkins Theta Iota
Emily Russell Theta Iota
Rachel Sargent Theta Iota
Andrea Spain Theta Iota
Abby Weber Theta Iota
Madyn Dron Theta Kappa
Melody Colonel Theta Lambda
Abby Hemmer Theta Lambda
Abrionna Capolino Theta Mu
Tara Richio Theta Mu
Brooke Allen Theta Zeta
Theresa Junker Theta Zeta
Maggie Sturm Theta Zeta
Susan Carino Zeta Alpha
Jaclyn Colucci Zeta Alpha
Raegan Rapoza Zeta Alpha
Emma Ryan Zeta Alpha
Lexi Carey Zeta Eta
Taylor DeBoer Zeta Eta
Alyssa Gaarder Zeta Eta
Grace Haugen Zeta Eta
Joy Horkey Zeta Eta
Bianna Jones Zeta Eta
Sophie Knutson Zeta Eta
Mekenzie Cruz Zeta Gamma
Jaxie Fuller Zeta Gamma
Faith Isenberg Zeta Gamma
Jamie Valian Zeta Kappa
Lindsey Hardeman Zeta Lambda
Lily Wilson Zeta Lambda
Riley York Zeta Lambda
Katie Davis Zeta Pi
Rachael Frommelt Zeta Pi
Olivia Sapp Zeta Pi
Kayleigh Turner Zeta Pi
Alexis Turner-Lafving Zeta Pi
Rachael Dewey Zeta Psi
Kaylie Humphreys Zeta Tau
Ally Parks Zeta Tau
Sara Valentin Zeta Tau
Madelyn Dame Zeta Upsilon


Prevention Institute Attendees


First Name Last Name Chapter
Sarah Braham Alpha
Arionna Folk Alpha
Hayleigh Buckland Alpha Alpha
Amelia Muscari Alpha Alpha
Liz Anderson Alpha Beta
Alexandra Gray Alpha Beta
Jocelyn Harper Alpha Beta
Kati Miller Alpha Beta
Isabella Kuhl Alpha Chi
Ava Tolley Alpha Chi
Lauren Cunkelman Alpha Delta
Abigail Baker Alpha Epsilon
Sydnie Ehm Alpha Epsilon
Abigail Force Alpha Iota
Angel Lyons Alpha Iota
Hailey Moore Alpha Mu
Ava Thibodeaux Alpha Mu
Ellie Hanley Alpha Phi
Gabby Lee Alpha Phi
Marah Barnhart Alpha Pi
Lauryn Cook Alpha Pi
Kendra Knauer Alpha Psi
Bayley Moyer Alpha Psi
Makenna Koyack Alpha Rho
Amiya Wilt Alpha Rho
Caroline Carter Alpha Theta
Brooke Dedekind Alpha Theta
Maura Gabriele Alpha Upsilon
Lorin Phillips Alpha Upsilon
Abbey Yacono Alpha Upsilon
Paige Antiporek Alpha Xi
Noelle Longstreth Alpha Xi
Stacy Rowan Alpha Xi
Makynli Delcambre Alpha Zeta
Kate Evans Alpha Zeta
Gabbie Gordon Alpha Zeta
Mildred Hernandez-Garcia Beta Alpha
Mika Watson Beta Alpha
Alden Aldrich Beta Beta
Brenna Richards Beta Beta
Libby Cook Beta Delta
Emma Eshleman Beta Delta
Taylor Brobeck Beta Epsilon
Emily Feick Beta Epsilon
Ashlynn Franklin Beta Mu
Riley Yates Beta Mu
Heather Rice Beta Tau
Savanah Solomon Beta Tau
Maggie Browne Beta Theta
Blair Droskey Beta Theta
Reagan Giordano Beta Theta
Brigid Morgan Beta Upsilon
Hannah Workman Beta Upsilon
Kathy Brinker Beta Xi
Deidre Lacy Beta Xi
Addi Casada Chi
Cece Rivera Chi
Katherine Evans Delta Beta
Lindsay Pearce Delta Beta
Lauren Hruza Delta Chi
Catherine Vicheck Delta Chi
Ellen Elmore Delta Delta
Alecia Harrison Delta Delta
Maddy Provines Delta Eta
Emma White Delta Eta
Cassidy Haines Delta Omicron
Kelly O'Donnell Delta Omicron
Madison Connell Delta Psi
Natalie Henehan Delta Psi
Vivian Cesarano Delta Upsilon
Alexandria Mangini Delta Upsilon
Sam Izzi Delta Zeta
Kiley Mitchell Delta Zeta
Courtney Curtis Epsilon Alpha
Mere Nahm Epsilon Alpha
Alyssa Sanchez Epsilon Alpha
Elena Wilson Epsilon Alpha
Nicole Young Epsilon Alpha
Bela Burtch Epsilon Chi
Maya Ranji Epsilon Chi
Brenna Patriarca Epsilon Delta
Emily Schueren Epsilon Delta
Katelyn Causey Epsilon Epsilon
Shannon King Epsilon Epsilon
Rachel Roettger Epsilon Epsilon
Kaiya Andrukitis Epsilon Eta
Angelina Luciano Epsilon Eta
Michelle Osborn-Hallet Epsilon Eta
Evie Glaze Epsilon Gamma
Kelly Kuzara Epsilon Gamma
Loren Wood Epsilon Gamma
Kailey Gonzales Epsilon Iota
Hailey Rodriguez Epsilon Iota
Tori Deptula Epsilon Kappa
Kim Katz Epsilon Kappa
Marissa Santana Epsilon Kappa
Emily Figueroa-Aguilar Epsilon Nu
Mollie McGirt Epsilon Nu
Stephanie Guevara Epsilon Omicron
Ellie Zagotta Epsilon Omicron
Victoria Castro Epsilon Phi
Caroline Phillips Epsilon Phi
Megan Rinehardt Epsilon Phi
Cheyenne Holbrook Epsilon Pi
Mattie Rumfelt Epsilon Pi
Skye Gallup Epsilon Psi
Cris Peniston Epsilon Psi
Alexis Kraska Epsilon Rho
Shae Peterson Epsilon Rho
Janelle Schmidt Epsilon Rho
Alexa Cox Epsilon Sigma
Rachel Burton Epsilon Tau
Tiffany Rejano Epsilon Tau
Nia Mahmud Epsilon Theta
Catie Rooks Epsilon Theta
Jayne Pusateri Epsilon Upsilon
Madison Stavola Epsilon Upsilon
Amy Newton Epsilon Zeta
Karli Rabb Epsilon Zeta
Rhiannon Castro Eta Beta
Amber Mattmiller Eta Beta
Jane Cadden Eta Eta
Ava LaVoe Eta Eta
Caitlynn Chapman Eta Kappa
Sierra Lykins Eta Kappa
Lani Rosenthal Eta Kappa
Delaney Cross Eta Lambda
Ava Fortner Eta Lambda
Leah Goldblatt Eta Nu
Hannah Steinlauf Eta Nu
Bella Arnold Eta Omicron
Nour Ghraizi Eta Omicron
Brianna Hughes Eta Pi
Kathleen Lewando-Bryers Eta Pi
Aubrie Porter Eta Rho
Abie Whisman Eta Rho
Brianna Small Eta Sigma
Faith Younce Eta Sigma
Anna Maddox Eta Tau
Emily Stover Eta Tau
Synnove Hunnes Eta Theta
Emily McKay Eta Theta
Kyndall Hall Eta Upsilon
Nicole Mitchell Eta Upsilon
Jessica Poparad Eta Upsilon
Hayley Kane Eta Xi
Remi Rosenthal Eta Xi
Maria Collins Eta Zeta
Lillian Jones Eta Zeta
Katarina Griffis Gamma Beta
Arianna Lites-Trevino Gamma Beta
Caelin Robb Gamma Iota
Gina Walsh Gamma Iota
Lauren Elmergreen Gamma Lambda
Ava Northamer Gamma Lambda
Hope Adams Gamma Mu
Brieana Holdsworth Gamma Mu
Kathryn Ledet Gamma Pi
Sam Ricciardo Gamma Pi
Mariah Gareis Gamma Rho
Lauren Moran Gamma Rho
Erin Flora Gamma Xi
Mads Walsh Gamma Xi
Kaylee Sawyers Gamma Zeta
Mia Temoshenka Gamma Zeta
Jenna Selker Lambda
Abby Stanley Lambda
Elizabeth Van Den Nouland Lambda
Kacie Myers Mu
Paige Taylor Mu
Paige Jansen Nu
Daelynn Scheulen Nu
Megan Garner Omicron
Liv Wetzel Omicron
Heather Wilson Omicron
Avery Monnington Pi
Kristen Ash Psi
Teaghan Beasley Psi
Belle Burdette Psi
Lesley Shamblin Psi
Maddie Boothe Theta Alpha
Maddie Prendergast Theta Alpha
Alison Fetter Theta Delta
Keyaira Wilkerson Theta Delta
Andie D'Amico Theta Iota
Lilly Gray Theta Iota
Grace Nadolski Theta Kappa
Avin Truman Theta Kappa
Catherine Anderson Theta Lambda
Melody Colonel Theta Lambda
Gracie Hamilton Theta Mu
Jordan Knowles Theta Mu
Tatiana Benka Theta Theta
Ainsley O'Neil Theta Theta
Alivia Cook Theta Zeta
Anna Marocco Theta Zeta
Meri Lewis Zeta Alpha
Ash Puleo Zeta Alpha
Erin Magee Zeta Chi
Malaina Buehler Zeta Eta
Faith Haugen Zeta Eta
Madi Mullens Zeta Gamma
Juliana Di Cosmo Zeta Kappa
Taylor LoBue Zeta Kappa
Tessa Evans Zeta Lambda
Payton McManus Zeta Lambda
Ashley Burgess Zeta Pi
Hannah Keane Zeta Pi
Jillian Cohen Zeta Psi
Brianna Finkle Zeta Psi
Melinda Lopez Zeta Tau
Grace Valentine Zeta Tau
Abigail Hayman Zeta Theta
Destanee Woodyard Zeta Theta
Liv Goines Zeta Upsilon
Carine Poladian Zeta Upsilon
Will Cangialosi
Jim Gulbranson
Jenna Martin Pendry