Scholarship incentive program boosts chapter academics

By Jessica Cummings, Eta Nu

How can we make sure our sisters are succeeding academically and setting aside enough time for their studies? With each of us juggling countless responsibilities such as jobs, internships, other clubs or organizations, and personal and familial obligations, it can sometimes become hard to balance everything while ensuring that scholarship is our number one priority.

The Eta Nu Chapter of Ramapo College of New Jersey has been seeking to address these common dilemmas we all face as busy college students. We have recently implemented a scholarship program that encourages members to keep academics at the top of their to-do lists. The newest scholarship program that is certainly making a positive impact is the use of Study Buddies.

Eta Nu has started using Study Buddies to encourage sisters to study together. Education Director Marissa Martin grouped sisters based on their majors. Everyone in the chapter has a built-in study group to reach out to and study with at all times, which is the perfect way to cope with the stress of midterms and finals!

Marissa is very excited about Study Buddies and thinks they’re definitely a step in the right direction for Eta Nu.

“Study Buddies give sisters the opportunity to seek help from other sisters within the same major or minor,” Marissa said. “It allows them to ask for help when it comes to studying or writing an essay as well as getting advice on which professors and classes to take. It also allows sisters to collaborate with others whom they wouldn’t normally converse with.”

Study Buddies are a great resource for sisters to have on campus. Maybe there’s a big test coming up or a sister is unsure about which classes to register for. Just ask a Study Buddy! The chapter has already noted that sisters are working on assignments and studying together much more than in the past.

With this program, as well as many others, the chapter is working hard toward the goal of academic success. So far, Eta Nu has seen a lot of progress this semester and has gone from logging only 30 hours in the library per week to now logging more than 130 hours per week!