Tri Sigma UIFI tuition scholarships now available

We are pleased to announce that 24 tuition scholarships are available to attend a 2017 session of the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI). UIFI’s main purpose is to inspire and educate the current generation of fraternity and sorority leaders to become dedicated, courageous, and principled builders of the future. UIFI is the premier leadership development experience for fraternity and sorority members, and is an experience unlike any other. It is not a conference. It is not a workshop. It is a uniquely holistic journey that you share with other interfraternal brothers and sisters. A UIFI graduate not only learns important leadership lessons, but also reaches deep inside him/herself to find their true fraternal calling. He or she is changed forever.  Click here to visit the NIC’s website to learn more.

To apply for a UIFI scholarship from Tri Sigma, please submit your completed application no later than February 27 at midnight EST. All applicants will be notified of their status on March 13. If selected, Tri Sigma will transfer your tuition funds directly to the NIC and you will be guided through the registration process. Please note that scholarship winners will be responsible for travel expenses to and from the program. Click here to submit your application now!

Tri Sigma members who attended UIFI last year had this to say about the experience:

“UIFI was truly life changing. I am forever grateful for the Foundation allowing me to have this experience. I feel empowered now more than ever to stand up for what is right and what I believe in even when the rest of the world may not agree. Through UIFI, I know that as a Tri Sigma woman of character, I have the ability to make the changes in the world that I wish to see. I have become a better friend, sister, and leader because of this experience and is something that I will hold close to my heart forever.”  Taylor Boudreaux, Gamma Pi

“UIFI was my all-time favorite collegiate experience. It inspired me in ways that nothing else has ever done before. It also gave me the chance to meet AMAZING people who were so much like me. I was able to work with them to find ways to improve fraternity and sorority life and become better leaders in our communities. All the friends I made were practically my best friends after the whole institute and we still keep in touch today. They continue to inspire and encourage me to be motivated in everything I do. I would not be who I am today without my experience at UIFI.”  Alyssa Piecko, Nu

“Attending UIFI was such an incredibly empowering and uplifting experience not only as a student leader but as a sorority woman. Those 5 days spent in Indiana, surrounded by other members of the Greek community driven to leave a positive impact, not only made me optimistic for the future but excited to become the agents of change we’ve been taught to be.” Kristy Pardo, Epsilon Chi

“At UIFI we discussed change, leadership, and values that would enhance our Greek community back home. I learned about privilege, commitment, and my identity as a sorority woman. I met and connected with men and women all over the United States who were just as passionate about the Greek community as I was. UIFI was inspiring, challenging, and an opportunity unlike any other that I will never forget!” -Taylor Barrick/UIFI 2016

Check out this video about UIFI that features Tri Sigma members! Questions should be directed to Chris Smithhisler.