Lucy’s Legacy FAQs

Q: How can I make my first gift of $18.98 to join Lucy’s Legacy?

A. You can make your gift online at Be sure to select Lucy’s Legacy Undergraduate Giving Club when completing your donation.

Q: Do chapters need to track participation for Lucy’s Legacy?

A: No. The Foundation accounts for all donations we receive. We ask that members complete our online form for Achievements not related to donations. The Lucy’s Legacy form allows staff to verify those Achievements.

Q: What are some ways I can share Lucy’s Legacy with my chapter?

A: By working with your Foundation/Philanthropy chair and Vice President of Operations, you can host an educational program about Lucy’s Legacy and the Tri Sigma Foundation mission. Ask 3 members to share at chapter meeting why she gives to the Foundation. Then introduce Lucy’s Legacy and explain how members can join. Include the donation link within your meeting minutes. Your program might include discussing how Lucy’s Legacy Achievements impact the Foundation’s mission.

Your chapter also might find it helpful to create a Lucy’s Legacy Challenge on CrowdRise to encourage members to make their $18.98 gift. CrowdRise allows your chapter to set a goal and members can make their individual donation directly to the Foundation via your chapter’s CrowdRise page. For additional CrowdRise information on how to claim your chapter’s page, email Desiree at

You can also equest Lucy’s Legacy gift envelopes to have at your Founders Day celebration and asking chapter members to give their Lucy’s Legacy gift of $18.98 as their Founders Day gift.

Q: What is the difference between individual giving and chapter philanthropy?

A. An individual gift is one person’s contribution to a philanthropic cause. Example: You make an online donation of $20 to honor the Alpha chapter.

Chapter philanthropy should be a group effort to raise funds for a philanthropic cause typically through a fundraiser or event. Chapter fundraisers should focus on raising funds and awareness among friends, family, university campus, local community and more. As a chapter member, you assist your Philanthropy chair and chapter in making chapter philanthropy a success. Example: Alpha chapter hosted Rockin’ for Robbie on campus and raised a total of $2350 through the support of Longwood University students, faculty and parents. You raised $112 in donations from your family and friends to support the the Tri Sigma Foundation and the chapter’s annual philanthropy event.

Q: If I walk in March for Babies, how will I let the Foundation know I have completed that Achievement?

A: Complete the Lucy’s Legacy form below.

Q: Do all of Lucy’s Legacy Achievements count toward undergraduate giving Accreditation standards?

A: Remember that a chapter member must first make her individual gift of $18.98 to join Lucy’s Legacy. After her first gift, she can then complete any of the Achievements listed to participate each semester. A chapter members participation in Lucy’s Legacy may look something like this:

  • Spring 2017 – Join with first gift of $18.98
  • Fall 2017 – Ask parent(s) to make a matching gift of $18.98
  • Spring 2018 – Apply to be a Foundation Ambassador
  • Fall 2018 – Serve as chapter’s Philanthropy Chair