Labyrinth Leadership Experience

Announcing the Labyrinth Leadership Experience 2017

Applications are now being accepted for the 2017 Labyrinth Leadership Experience.  This amazing and often transformational experience is a journey experiencing values in action all while learning more about who you are and living the bonds of sisterhood.

Here are what some past participants had to say about the Labyrinth Leadership Experience.

“The Labyrinth Leadership Experience is one of the most transformative and rewarding journeys. Building upon our own strengths within the framework of our own values as Tri Sigma women is the defining factor of success for participants. A truly once in a lifetime experience that empowers all women, no matter where they are on their Sigma journey.”  Tonia Smith

“The Labyrinth Leadership Experience is my most profound and fulfilling journey since taking my initial vows of sisterhood. It is a journey that began over five days in June, but it does not end there. The bonds I formed over those five days are with women I admire, women who continue to inspire me daily, and women without whom I could not imagine life. This experience challenged me to delve deeper into my leadership style and encouraged me to forge new ground upon my return to my alumnae chapter, workplace and community. A formidable responsibility now lies before me; one which challenges me to instill our values in those around me. A responsibility to embolden my alumnae chapter members to be climate changers in the Baltimore community. A responsibility to inspire the women who come after me to change the world around them. This is a duty I accept without fear and without reproach. Tri Sigma will provide exceptional experiences that allow women to change the world. I participated in an exceptional experience through Labyrinth, and I am ready to change the world.” Jessica Dowches-Wheeler

“The Labyrinth Leadership Experience gave me a better understanding of our mission, vision, and values and how to apply each of those things to my life. This opportunity allowed me to not only learn so much about Tri Sigma, but who I am as a person as well.” Tabytha Russell

Twenty women will be selected to attend this completely paid for experience!

Don’t hesitate. Apply today!