Wellness: Smartphone apps for college students

The start of a new semester can be hectic with a new class schedule, sorority events and other activities to balance. Start the fall semester off right by getting organized and prepared for your classes with these smartphone apps:

  • Mint: This free app can help you organize your budget. Track your spending through all accounts ­– checking, savings and credit cards – and categorize your transactions.
  • iHomework: This $1 app can help you organize and track all of your readings, courses, teachers, and schedules. The app will even notify you of upcoming deadlines.
  • Notability iPad app: For just $1, you can download this app for note-taking, PDF annotation, typing, and recording.
  • Good Morning Alarm Clock: This alarm clock app tracks your sleep patterns and helps you wake up in time for those 8 a.m. classes. For $4, the app analyzes how well you’re sleeping and can even play peaceful music to put you to sleep.
  • Course help: Want tutoring available on your smartphone? Check out Wolfram Alpha apps on your app store for help in subjects ranging from calculus to music theory.
  • Remember the Milk: This to-do list app can sync with your email and calendar, and has a prioritizing function to organize your most important tasks.
  • Quizlet: Need flashcards for a study group? Try this free app to organize flashcards for all of your classes.
  • EasyBib: Need help figuring out how to cite your sources for your next research paper? Try the EasyBib app!