Thank you for your service, Jennifer

Bonnie Rainey, Foundation Chair and Jennifer Avenel at 2018 Board of Directors annual meeting in Las Vegas.

As her term on the Foundation Board of Directors ends, we would like to recognize and thank Jennifer for her commitment and devotion to the Foundation throughout her years of service.

Jennifer Avenel has been a sister of Tri Sigma since 1992 when she was initiated into the Delta Pi chapter at Winthrop University in South Carolina, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in social work.  She has remained devoted to serving Tri Sigma and took the challenge to serve as chair of the Foundation Board in 2014.  As a leader for the Foundation, she most notably collaborated and helped lead us to form the partnership with the March of Dimes.


Get to know more about Jennifer and her journey as a Sigma sister. 


Q: What inspired you to become the Chair of the Foundation Board of Directors?

Jennifer: Honestly, my sisters’ belief in my ability to do the job. I knew that I was being interviewed for an officer position, but had no idea that I was being considered for chair until it was offered to me. I always want to serve Tri Sigma where I’m needed most, and the women on that nominating committee believed in me, so I accepted their challenge.


Q: What was the most rewarding part of serving on the board?

Jennifer: I think every woman who wants to serve others wants to because of their passion but also because of a desire to be part of something bigger than they are. The most rewarding part for me was all of the women that I had the opportunity to meet at the collegiate and alumnae level. The opportunities that I was given to mentor at Presidents Academy and the Dunham Woman of Character Institute taught me so much and I made lifelong connections. The other part that was very rewarding was the partnership between the Foundation board and the Tri Sigma Executive Council and Executive Director. Those two entities must work together in order to move Tri Sigma forward and we made some great strides. Most notably was our partnership with the March of Dimes.


Q: What was has been your most memorable experience as a Tri Sigma sister so far?

Jennifer: That is a very difficult question. I am fortunate that I have so many memorable experiences over the last 25+ years. From the strong bond that remains with my Delta Pi sisters, to the gift of my relationship with Emily Lewis Lee, Alpha Upsilon and Omega, which continues to move me. Then the opportunity that I had to be on stage with past National President Kaye Schendel giving the State of the Sisterhood address leading to the March of Dimes launch at our last convention.  Being part of the installation team at Auburn.  And everything in between!


Q: What kind of legacy do you want to leave with Tri Sigma?

Jennifer:  I want my legacy to be one of service. I will give of my time and talents where they are needed, and I will continue to remind Tri Sigma women of our lifelong commitment. Through my service on the Foundation Board, one topic that I became very passionate about is helping women to understand everyone can be a philanthropist. It’s not just about the financial support to the Tri Sigma Foundation but it’s also about the support that they can give to our sisterhood or to organizations in the communities in which they live. That is philanthropy too!  I will continue to carry that passion for philanthropy with me.