Fundraising on CrowdChange

Have you heard about our new partnership with CrowdChange to help you raise more money for your philanthropy events? We want to make your lives easier when it comes to philanthropy. This online fundraising platform offers tons of features to help you take your philanthropy events to the next level. The Tri Sigma Foundation has created our own custom CrowdChange site that you can use at no charge to your chapter.


Foundation Chair Training

Greek chapters have been EXTREMELY successful with CrowdChange, and 93% of surveyed chapters report that they would recommend CrowdChange to other chapters. Register for a training session below:

This is a new top-rated and entertaining session called “5 Proven Ways to Raise More Money for your Fundraiser” led by CrowdChange’s COO, Jeff Roebuck. This is different than the “7 Keys” presentation last semester with new proven and more detailed tips to help you raise more money. We are confident that at the end of it, you will leave inspired and have actionable tips that you can use to make your philanthropy event more successful than ever before. It will also teach you how to get the most out of the platform and will help you get your events started.

Get the tools to start your Foundation fundraiser online. Sample fundraiser below.

For questions about CrowdChange, email Desiree at For technical support, email



  1. Does our chapter have access to the funds collected through CrowdChange? All donations, from either an individual, organization or business, made through CrowdChange go directly to the Foundation. All donors will receive an acknowledgment of the tax-deductible donation.
  2. Can the chapter be reimbursed for philanthropy event expenses from funds the Foundation receives from our fundraiser? Unfortunately, no. All chapter expenses associated with the philanthropy event should either be budgeted for by the chapter or be deducted from the funds collected offline through ticket sells, day-of-event fundraising, etc.
  3. Should the chapter use CrowdChange to submit additional funds collected offline for that fundraiser? No. The chapter treasurer should follow BillHighway processes for transferring all funds not collected through CrowdChange to the Foundation. Your Foundation Chair and Treasurer should refer to their position manuals. For questions, email Desiree at
  4. How can we sell philanthropy t-shirts on CrowdChange for our event? The Foundation is unable to transfer money back to your chapter or an individual. We discourage selling any items such as t-shirts via your online CrowdChange fundraiser. Any funds for tickets, sponsorships, or funds collected within CrowdChange will not be accessible by your chapter officers, advisers or Foundation Chair.
  5. Will funds raised via CrowdChange be credited to our chapter for Accreditation? Yes! Not only will we give credit to the individual donor for their gift to the Foundation, but your chapter will receive credit for all funds within your CrowdChange fundraiser. If your chapter is striving to reach $10 per member or $20 per member for Foundation fundraising, the standard will be calculated by totaling all funds the Foundation has received via BillHighway and CrowdChange from your philanthropy events during that calendar year (January 1 – November 15) and then divided by your chapter’s fall membership.