Expanding Sigma Serves Children

Expanding Parntership

Since the 1950’s Tri Sigma has been working to serve the world’s most valuable resource: our children. To compliment the continued success of the Robbie Page Memorial Fund, a committee was appointed in 2014 to identify a national philanthropic partner. With prematurity being the #1 killer of babies in the United States, Tri Sigma stands with March of Dimes in the fight to help more moms have full-term pregnancies and healthy babies.

PrintWhether it is through grants from the Robbie Page Memorial Fund or through the March of Dimes we are Tri Sigma’s, Serving Children and their families – during some of the hardest times of their young lives. Having March of Dimes as an additional philanthropic partner gives Tri Sigma’s across the United States is a natural opportunity for engagement within their own community – something our membership has been requesting for over a decade.

This partnership provides us a valuable opportunity to expand the work we began in 1951, and continue our mission of Sigmas Serving Children. With a 60-year history and 3 million dollars in grants, the work of the Robbie Page Memorial Fund is something that we all should be proud of and its work will continue to be a core focus of Sigma Serves Children.