Chapters find ways to focus on mental health and wellness for members

Alpha Phi, Central Michigan University: The Alpha Phi Chapter had a tabling event, End the Stigma with Tri Sigma, at Central Michigan’s library to raise awareness for Mental Health Awareness Day.  We had green ribbons to pass out to students and on-campus resources available for students who were interested. We had individuals write inspirational messages on sticky notes as they walked by and these were hung around campus later that week.

Epsilon Gamma, Grand Valley State University: Our Health and Wellness Committee hosted a speaker on November 12 to discuss how to manage stress and anxiety. Specifically, the speaker focused on managing the stress of being a collegiate sorority woman. We invited our entire Panhellenic community to join us! We are so excited to have learned some great tools to manage our stress and focus on our mental health.

Theta Alpha, High Point University: We have implemented a new Health and Wellness chair that encourages sisters to practice self-care. We plan meditation sessions, yoga sessions, and the use of essential oils. We also provide these practices to help sisters deal with the stresses of life and school. Additionally, we are having a joint yoga event with a fraternity on campus to encourage more people to practice self-care on campus.

Beta Tau, University of Detroit-Mercy: Member Makayla Childress started a wellness committee in the chapter and has hosted biweekly/monthly events for sisters to relieve some stress. At each event and meeting, she tries to give short “inspirations” on how members can manage their stress and help keep their mental health up. Makayla said, “as someone who suffers with mental illness myself, I want to be able to support anyone in the chapter who might be struggling alone, inform the other sisters what it’s like to live with a mental illness and how they can support sisters who need it.”