Steadfast Giving Club

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As your Foundation Chair, I am called to ensure the future of Tri Sigma by prioritizing our sisterhood’s financial needs. It’s why I’m asking you to join me in the Steadfast Giving Club.

Our sisters need your support. As they return to college, whether face-to-face or virtually, our undergraduate Sigmas and newest members depend upon dedicated Sigmas like you for essential educational programming and opportunities. 

By becoming a monthly donor, you empower our mission all year long, and you provide sustainable financial support for leadership development, scholarships, and our children’s health initiatives.

Unfortunately, the barriers to higher education are only increasing amidst COVID-19. Providing meaningful virtual programming, where both undergraduates and alumnae can learn from their homes or their campus, remains a priority. New methods of delivery, new topics, and new initiatives will be critical in responding to our sisterhood’s dynamic educational needs.  

Your monthly gift funds opportunities for young women to learn and lead – empowering them beyond their collegiate experience and through this crisis. 

If more Tri Sigmas like you join our Steadfast Giving Club, we can ensure grant funding that will impact our sisters, as well as the children and families we serve. Your steadfast support makes these enduring resources possible.

I believe in the difference our philanthropy makes, both now and for the future, but we have to be present during the hard times and the easy. I will continue to give my time, talents, and treasures during this difficult time to serve Tri Sigma. Will you join me?

In Our Bonds,

JeanMarie Komyathy, Gamma Kappa

Chair, Foundation Board of Directors

P.S. Are you ready to join Suzan, Marilyn, Yvette, and me as a monthly donor? Join the Steadfast Giving Club at

“I give to the Tri Sigma Foundation monthly and have for years as it’s an easy and budget-friendly way to make a difference in the lives of the women and children supported through our Foundaiton’s initiatives.”

-Suzan Bosarge, Gamma Mu

“My recurring monthly donations help me to reach my philanthropic goals because I want the Foundation to use my donations to help sorority women and help them make a difference in their sorority life and throughout their lives. Sigma has so many opportunities for women to take advantage of and I want them to experience many of the same opportunities I did when I was younger and a new Sigma sister. Sigma has been a constant influence on me for over 61 years and I value all the friends, activities and volunteering I have done throughout those years.”

-Marilyn Beiter, Beta Xi

“I believe in giving back and paying it forward.  Being a member of the Steadfast Giving Club lets me do both…give back to an organization that has had an exceptionally positive impact on me and hopefully ensuring another individual has that same opportunity in the future. And maybe one day, that person will become a Steadfast Giving Club member and also give back and pay it forward.”

-Yvette Pue, Chi


Steadfast Giving Club Members

*Recognition listed as of August 31, 2020.

First Name Last Name Chapter
Karen Adams Beta Rho
Karen Aho Epsilon Eta
Jessica Alsip Eta Kappa
Veronica Atkins Eta Omicron
Jennifer Avenel Delta Pi
Susan Ayers Mu
Heather Baker Gamma Xi
Arlene Ball Alpha Phi
Erica Barnes Iota Alpha
Shelly Bateman Beta Epsilon
Heidi Bates Epsilon Alpha
Marilyn Beiter Beta Xi
Karrie Benjamin Gamma Alpha
Vicki Bird Nu
Stephanie Blair Delta Delta
Stephanie Blotzer Epsilon Epsilon
Milynda Boeck-Moore Beta Theta
Aimee Boland Eta Iota
Mallory Borino Eta Omicron
Suzan Bosarge Gamma Mu
Mary Jo Bristol Beta Rho
Brittany Brown Epsilon Phi
Kim Bullington Theta Eta
Mary Bussone-Neam Beta Tau
Megan Caldwell Alpha Omicron
Rebecca Calkins Epsilon Omicron
Jo Candy Alpha Iota
Susan Carino Zeta Alpha
Katelyn Causey Epsilon Epsilon
Camille Chasteen Zeta Rho
Mandy Chocheles Gamma Eta
Brenda Christie-Lichtenegger Alpha Iota
JoAnn Conley Beta Mu
Suzanne Croft Lambda
Heather Cruz Zeta Psi
Lauren Cunkelman Alpha Delta
Sam Cunningham Zeta Theta
Tracey Daniels Alpha Theta
Angela David Alpha Chi
Bethany Deines Beta Kappa
Jenny Dodson Alpha Omicron
Natasha Donaldson Iota Alpha
Jessica Dowches-Wheeler Zeta Lambda
Amanda Drury Beta Xi
Renee Dwyer Epsilon Rho
Emily Ellis Gamma Beta
Haley Foster Alpha Beta
Carol Frost Kappa
Cecilia Fruge Alpha Mu
Liz Galetz Zeta Psi
Kaki Garard Epsilon Xi
Rebekah Giaraffa Epsilon Theta
Jackie Gladhart Epsilon Alpha
Denise Goudelock Alpha
Bridget Hanson Epsilon Gamma
Jena Harris Alpha Rho
Alecia Harrison Delta Delta
Michelle Harrold Beta Gamma
MC Hartley Delta Delta
Linda Henderson Delta Psi
Kelly Jo Hendricks Pi
Bianca Hernandez Epsilon Iota
Miriam Hinther Beta Kappa
Bridget Holton Omicron
Joy Horkey Zeta Eta
Allison Hucks Zeta Chi
Kathy Jackson Gamma Alpha
Nicole Jacobs Zeta Mu
Crystal Johnson Eta Rho
Pam Johnson Gamma Lambda
Christi Jones-McNeill Delta Pi
Mary Keleher Staff
Michelle Keller Alpha Mu
Lisa Koeller Gamma Alpha
Joey Koenig Theta Delta
Jeanette Kogelman Iota Alpha
JeanMarie Komyathy Gamma Kappa
TC Krajnak Epsilon Kappa
Renee Kries Iota Alpha
Christine LaBarge Beta Kappa
Bette Lewis Beta Kappa
Jacque Lewis Beta Gamma
Angie Lipschuetz Delta Phi
Jo Ann Litton Beta Gamma
Ashley Luebeck Theta Kappa
Jennifer Lundquist Beta Pi
Stella Luo Epsilon Sigma
Mindi Major Beta Gamma
Nancy Mancuso Zeta Alpha
Linda Manley-Kuitu Epsilon Rho
Missy Martin Epsilon Zeta
Julie Mathies Gamma Mu
Deborah Maves Beta Iota
Kara McCarty Epsilon Delta
Jessica McCloskey Theta Beta
Suzanne McGlone Gamma Mu
Nancy McGowan Kappa
Mandy McGuire Beta Xi
Taylor Medlock Gamma Xi
Kortney Miller Alpha Chi
Staci Miller Epsilon Zeta
Celinda Miranda-LaBella Zeta Epsilon
Tracy Mitchell Gamma Xi
Caryl Montero-Adams Iota Alpha
Amy Nelson Epsilon Xi
Jordan Nelson Theta Epsilon
Karen O’Connell Gamma Psi
Joyce O’Daniel Alpha Chi
Leigh Anne Orr Gamma Xi
Michelle Osborn-Hallet Epsilon Eta
Meghan Paden Staff
Desiree Paulhamus Alpha Omicron
Andrea Provenzano Beta Upsilon
Dawn Prusator Alpha Iota
Yvette Pue Chi
Amanda Rainey Beta Xi
Lori Rassati Gamma Psi
Brenda Ray Alpha Psi
Lori Richard Beta Delta
Lori Schaefer Beta Pi
Jessica Schauble Theta Alpha
Kaye Schendel Gamma Phi
Katie Scherping Beta Alpha
Jill Schmidt Epsilon Omicron
Kris Schuler Nu
Kathy Schulte Beta Alpha
Ann Seymour Gamma Mu
Helen Shull Beta Gamma
Ally Simon Alpha Chi
Amy Skinner Eta Nu
Tracy Sklarin Epsilon Theta
Libby Smith Beta Xi
Marci Smith Beta Kappa
Chris Smithhisler Iota Alpha
Sara Sosnowski Omicron
Shawna Speer Epsilon Zeta
Colleen Stangl Beta Kappa
Carie Staub Zeta Zeta
Rachel Stewart Zeta Rho
Barb Stone Beta Tau
Kristen Story Zeta Theta
Laura Sweet Delta Pi
Allison Swick-Duttine Psi
Michelle Tantillo Epsilon Omicron
Laura Turk Alpha Theta
Sarah Turner Alpha Alpha
Rachel VanDernoot Beta Xi
Potter VanLeuven Zeta Theta
Marla Villanueva Iota Alpha
Paula Wallace Epsilon Zeta
Kate Walls Alpha Chi
Donielle Watkins Alpha Mu
Mary Webster Beta Kappa
Elena Weiss Epsilon Theta
Toney Welborn Zeta Beta
Theresa Wendt Beta Rho
Tricia Wilkinson Alpha Zeta
Gail Willadsen Alpha Xi
Alison Wirth Epsilon Omicron
Jill Zager Alpha Nu

To join your sisters in the Steadfast Giving Club today, visit