New Steadfast Giving Club

As part of the Foundation’s 25th anniversary celebration, we are excited to announce our new STEADFAST GIVING CLUB, which recognizes Foundation donors who give monthly reoccurring gifts.

Maybe you have an annual goal for your Foundation giving. Monthly gifts are a great way to make your philanthropic goals realistic and easily attainable. Will you join your fellow sisters who have made the Foundation a priority each month?

See the full list of Steadfast Giving Club members.

To join today, visit

Read about a few of our inaugural Steadfast Giving Club members:


JeanMarie Komyathy, Gamma Kappa

What actions do you take to be a generous person?

I am generous by giving in many ways. I support various organizations through regular payroll deductions as part of the Combined Federal Campaign.  I give monthly to the Tri Sigma Foundation. I volunteer my time to many organizations, particularly those that have helped me achieve my goals.  And, I give my time, experience and wisdom as a mentor and friend.

Why do you give to the Foundation?

I give to the Tri Sigma Foundation because Tri Sigma has given so much to me.  Tri Sigma gives me the opportunity to meet women from all over the country and all walks of life. TriSigma has given me the opportunity to be a leader and share my talents. And, TriSigma has given me the opportunity to give back.  I learned as a new member that to receive much, you must give much. And so, I do.


Joey Jackson, Theta Delta

Why do you give to the Foundation?

I give to the Foundation because the organization has done so much for me. I have been able to benefit from its endeavors, and I want to help continue carrying on its legacy.

Why are you passionate about the work of the Foundation?

As a collegiate I was so excited to discover the Foundation’s involvement with polio research because my father suffered from the disease. As an alumna, I continue to be inspired by the Foundation’s goals to empower women and continue to donate to medical research now through its partnership with the March of Dimes.


Michelle Tantillo, Epsilon Omicron

Why do you give to the Foundation?

I value what they do for our members and for the world. I enjoy that [the Foundation] has resources used to support our members that helps to “grow” members and empower them to transform the world.

How have you played a part in the Foundation’s past?

I have been a donor since my initiation.  I have after college been a regular donor as a part of the previous GOLD program and have continued to increase my monthly donations as I can.  I also give donations for Founders Day and other campaigns.