Eta Phi sisters continue tradition of weekly appreciation award

Eta Phi member Marisa Lefton displays the Sigma Duck after it was awarded to her. The Eta Phi chapter uses the duck to recognize members in their chapter.

Each week, the Eta Phi chapter at Pratt Institute recognizes a deserving sister by passing around a giant rubber duck. The Sigma Duck is awarded weekly to a sister by the sister who previously was given it.

“Each time the duck is given to another sister, they leave their mark by signing; these signatures serve as a visual representation of our love and appreciation for each other,” member Josette Marcario said. “It’s also fun to see past signatures from sisters who’ve graduated.”

A sister can be awarded the Sigma Duck for any reason—whether it be because someone is recognizing a sister’s hard work for the chapter or because they made their day better. The chapter chose to use the duck because of a former local tradition. Eta Phi was a local sorority prior to becoming a chapter of Tri Sigma, and that local group used the duck as a mascot for several reasons: ducks flock together and share leadership and responsibility.

“Having this symbol present in our chapter makes us feel connected to all of our sisters at Pratt Institute, past and present,” Josette said. “The names of the women of our chapter on this symbol of our local history bind us all together.”