Tri Sigma’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Tri Sigma was founded and built upon bonds of friendship and grew from those shared bonds, uniting and welcoming women into our sisterhood. Historically, there is evidence that membership was exclusive, and not all women were considered for membership. While we cannot change our past, we can influence our future. We know there is more we can do to ensure all women of every color and creed are welcome and embraced within Tri Sigma. Our world is evolving. Our members are evolving. Tri Sigma must evolve as well.  

We are leaning in, engaging in, and facilitating the hard conversations necessary to move Tri Sigma forward with care and concern for all our members. Through these conversations, we continuously identify new opportunities to increase diversity and create inclusive and equitable environments where members can feel welcome, confident, and empowered to ignite change.  



In 2018, Tri Sigma established the Initiative for Inclusive Excellence to address matters of equity and inclusion. Work began, and consultants presented the report of the IIE committee during the 2019 Convention. Afterward, we shared the recommendations with the entire membership. These recommendations were given thoughtful consideration and placed on the list of high-priority initiatives. As the organization pinpoints new opportunities, we will add them to our work. This list is not finite. We know there is more to do, and we are proud to continually work to achieve these initiatives, which will benefit all of our members.

To date, we have:   

  • Created a standing volunteer committee for diversity, equity, and inclusion known as the Inclusive Excellence volunteer committee.  
  • Formed a standing staff committee for diversity, equity, and inclusion known as the Inclusive Excellence staff group.  
  • Eliminated our legacy policy.  
  • Revised our standards of membership to no longer include an alumnae recommendation.   
  • Collected demographic information of members.   
  • Incorporated a diversity, equity, and inclusion committee in the collegiate chapter leadership structure.  
  • Added diversity, equity, inclusion, and access conversations into all staff meetings.   
  • Hosted a series of listening sessions to hear directly from members of marginalized identities.  
  • Featured a series of anti-racism webinars with small group conversations.   
  • Published a three-part series on Inclusive Excellence in Essential Sigma and recommended completion for all members.   
  • Adapted the three-part series on Inclusive Excellence in Essential Sigma and required completion for all collegiate chapter leaders.
  • Reviewed governing documents for problematic language, providing suggestions for updates.
  • Compiled a master calendar of cultural celebrations and appropriate messaging for social media observances. 

We ask for your dedication and support as we advance these recommendations and implement additional initiatives. Be an ally!