Courage. Leadership. Community. Living your ritual.  

These are the lessons the North-American Interfraternity Conference’s (NIC) Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) imparts to almost 1,000 fraternity and sorority undergraduates in its 14 sessions throughout the summer. Sigma Sigma Sigma is proud to have been a part
of the program’s success by being one of the UIFI’s top scholarship providers in 2016.

UIFI is a five-day institute that brings together fraternity men and sorority women to create opportunities to explore, define and enhance their leadership skills, personal awareness, commitment to their fraternity or sorority and grow to expect values-based action from themselves and those they lead. At UIFI, participants are given the skills to improve their own leadership abilities and positively affect their chapter, council and community

In 2016, 943 students from 298 colleges and universities attended UIFI. This interfraternal program saw participants from 118 fraternities and sororities, including 38 Sigma Sigma Sigma sisters.
Last year, Sigma Sigma Sigma provided scholarships for 23 members to attend UIFI, and the impact on our undergraduates who attended is tangible.“I had the ability to look at the true root of not only my chapter’s issues by my campus’ as well,” Erica Johnson (Pi, Emporia State University) said. “I believe this experience changed my life forever, and I hope that Tri Sigma continues to offer this scholarship.”

Our sisters who participated in UIFI will return to campus this fall prepared to make a positive difference in their chapter and fraternity and sorority community.
“Words cannot begin to explain how empowered, inspired and aware I feel after these few shorts days,” Kristy Pardo (Epsilon Chi, Northeastern University) said. “I have been able to really understand not only what it means to be a Tri Sigma but also a sorority woman.”

Students reported positive gains in leadership skills, commitment and confidence.

  • 97.37% reported they are a better leader because of UIFI.
  • 97.65% reported that as a result of UIFI, they are going to positively impact their chapter.
  • 96.78% reported that as a result of UIFI, they are going to positively impact their community.

Click here to learn more about the impact of UIFI. Applications are due February 27th, Midnight EST. Click here to apply.